2018/2019 Main Production Season

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Apollon Main Productions

Following is a quick summary of our main production season at the Apollon. The Apollon is an intimate, immersive and interactive art space where the performances are often happening in and around the audience and engages the audience in the experience. Our productions are primarily created by a collaborative team of artists representing different art forms including theatrical performance, writing, visual arts, music and dance. In this collaborative style, productions are created from a general concept to all of the elements that go into a production such as a script or storyline, character development, visual arts, and interactive arts, and even culinary arts. Our performances traditionally include a meal that is created to complement the theme of the production.

Since many of our productions are not prescripted, you will see some of the descriptions are very general until the creative teams have begun their creative processes 3-4 months prior to the show dates. More details will be announced for each production as we get closer to the production dates.

Holiday at Hogwarts: November 29-December 22, 2018 

Be transported to the Wizarding World for a Happy Holiday Feast at the time of the founding of Hogwarts School.  During your magical stay, you will receive lessons be taught by the Founders of Hogwarts, visit Diagon Alley for wands and other necessary wizarding supplies and gifts, and enjoy a Great Feast from Helga Hufflepuff's cookbook.

Something Borrowed: February 7-16, 2019

This production celebrates life and explores the heart through stories of love, compassion, joy, courage and even sadness.

Rumors in the Kitchen: April 4-20, 2019

It is the Edwardian age, the Titanic has sunk, and rumors are flying.  The kitchen staff hears all in this old English manor, but which rumors are true and which ones are complete rubbish.  The audience will wade through all the rumors in the kitchen to seek out the truth.

Vietnam Ghosts: May 9-25, 2019

It’s 1969 and the United States is embroiled in the Vietnam War. Private George Andrews has been killed in action, but before his spirit can move on, he has some unfinished business that needs to be completed. Unfortunately, the only members of his Platoon that can see and hear him are the members of the audience and it will be up to them to help Private Andrews’ spirit find rest. Playwrights:  Thomas Flanigan and Mary Oliver

Once for Yes, Twice for No: Jun 6-22, 2019

Sisters Miss Margaret and Miss Catherine Fox cordially invite your attendance to an Evening with the Spirits. Sharing their Unique Talent the Misses Fox will deliver Messages from those Beyond the Veil. With special guests famed Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Magician Mr. Harry Houdini it Promises to be a Night from the Beyond.

Pokenon – August 2019

Pokemon spoof with performance, visual art, food and audience interaction in the Apollon style.

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