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Director Applications - Now Being Accepted

The Apollon is currently accepting applications for Director for the following two productions. If you would like to be considered for either production, please send a letter of interest and resume with previous theatrical and directing experience to In your letter of interest, please state the production you are applying for. Applications must be received by March 8.

• Once for Yes, Twice for No
Planned run 6/6 – 6/22 (Thursday-Saturday)

• Holiday Production
Planned run 11/29-12/21 (Thursday-Saturday)

If you know of someone that you think may be interested, please feel free to share this post.

The Apollon is a small community theater and art space which seats up to 49 guests. Our main productions are often interactive and immersive. Due to the interaction with the audience, the productions involve some element of improvisational theater. Some productions are more scripted than others. Many of our productions are created from scratch by the Creative Team with other artistic expertise/roles pulled in as needed. The Director for each of the listed productions will be part of the Creative Team. If you would like to know more about the Apollon or either of these productions, please feel free to send an email to


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Auditions for S.O.S the Final Request of Private Andrews

Audition Dates: March 11 & March 12, 2019 6:00-8:00 pm

Auditions Location:  Apollon Art Space, 1801 Vinton Street, Omaha

Show Dates: May 9-25 (Thursday -Friday)

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals will begin immediately, on or around March 21st.

Audition Requirements: Please come a with a list of any conflicts.   

Synopsis: It's 1969 and the United States is embroiled in the Vietnam War.  Private George Andrews has been killed in action, but before his spirit can move on, he has some unfinished business that needs to be completed.  Unfortunately, the only members of his Platoon that can see and hear him are the members of the audience and it will be up to them to help Private Andrews' spirit find rest.   (Apollon productions commonly combine traditional scripted theater with improvisational theater to create an immersive and audience interactive performance.)

Director: Julie Etta Hudson

Contact Information:  Julie Etta Hudson at

Character Descriptions:

Platoon Sergeant/ Russ Hoskins: Oldest member of platoon (38). Regular army. Has a wife (Cheryl) and two kids (James 10 and Gina 7). He is very tough on the soldiers. A few of them, including the ghost, had taken to calling him The Rusty Maiden in secret. The ghost made the mistake of calling him that to his face when they were alone and the Sergeant made him scrub the barracks with a toothbrush.

Platoon Leader/ Jason Hellerrand: Recent graduate from West Point. Has been in Vietnam for nearly a year, but is new to the Platoon and doesn’t know the other soldiers very well. He depends on the Sergeant far too much to look after the troops.

Private Jim Schroeder: Practically inseparable with the Ghost (Private George Andrews). Went to basic with him and has consistently served with him through their tour. Their camaraderie was 13 at the expense of Jim socializing with the other troops. He is now distant from the rest of the Platoon.

Private Bill Johnson: Was constantly at odds with the Ghost (Private George Andrews) Ever since they stepped off the plane at Saigon together. They both bumped into each other by accident, but immediately blamed it on one another. Jim was there and tried to tell them it was an accident, but their egos got the best of them. There were many public “pranks” that George and Bill pulled on one another, but there were a few that no one else knew about.

Private Woods: Quiet, nervous, young man who lives vicariously through the adventures and antics of others.

Specialist McGee: Enabler of antics.

Specialist Lawrence: George’s squad mate. He invested a lot of time in coaching George on the “finer points” of being a man, such as drinking and picking up woman.

Radiotelephone Operator (RTO) Douglas Chase: Hates sports. He likes music and takes advantage of being the RTO to monopolize the radio. He has a sweet tooth and can be bribed with food.



The Apollon is seeking artists to show their art in themed production. The upcoming show takes place in an early 20th century Kitchen. We are looking for still life art that fits the period. Think a bowl a fruit, a loaf of bread, or a vase of flowers. We are open to other interpretations as long as it fits the theme!

Artwork selected for the show will be displayed at the Apollon from March 30th through April 20th.

Please contact Heather at for more information.


The Apollon is currently seeking 3-5 individuals to participate on a collaborative creative teams for our main productions.

If you are interested in participating on the team, please submit a letter of interest with a brief summary of your artistic and production experience or a resume to

  • Once for Yes, Twice for No

  • Holiday at Hogwarts


Are you in the music scene? The Apollon is seeking performers or groups to perform in our space.  This could include small orchestral groups, individual performers or even bands of a variety of genres.  Performances would be acoustic or semi acoustic with limited amplification.  In addition, we are also seeking a coordinator/producer of the Unplugged program.



The Apollon is seeking teaching artists to lead various art related activities throughout the year.   These may involve visual arts, music, dancing or some combination.  

If you are interested in being a teaching artist at the Apollon, please send an email to