Auditions & Artist Calls


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Auditions Location:  Apollon Art Space, 1801 Vinton Street, Omaha

Audition Dates:

·         February 24, 2019 5:00-7:00 pm

·         February 25, 2019 5:00-7:00 pm

Production Dates: April 4-20 (Thursday-Friday)

Director: Kate Bacome

Contact Information:  Kate Bacome at

Audition Requirements: Please come with a list of any conflicts.   As the show will be loosely scripted and highly improvised auditions will consist of improve games as well as readings from the script.

Synopsis: The kitchen in the VanBloom household may seem quiet at times, but it’s always filled with whispers and chatter. From singing to the bread to make it rise, to the telling of secrets of the happenings in the floors above them, the butlers and maids always have gossip to keep their lives interesting. This time in particular is different than the rest: why is the lady of the house moving out? Speculations and guesses have the staff in a state of question as they try to figure out the mystery from the floors above.  (Apollon productions commonly combine traditional scripted theater with improvisational theater to create an immersive and audience interactive performance.)

Character Descriptions:

Helen—Daughter of the heir and heiress. Has a secret love for each of the men in the house (specifically James and William). She toys around with them, knowing that they are unable to love her, but she loves feeling wanted, but unobtainable. She often spends time with the help of the house, as she doesn’t have any friends. Very prissy. 20.

Mary—Head Maid of the household. She is Dorothy’s mother-figure (as Dorothy’s mother is often away). She has a good head on her shoulders, and craves to befriend the lady of the house (and believes she will get there one day—she won’t). Often treats Dorothy like garbage, but soon realizes that she, too, was once an apprentice. Sings beautifully whenever she bakes, always to the tune of Danny Boy. 50.

Dorothy—Apprentice to Mary. Very quiet and passive. She allows to be treated like scum, as she just needs and wants a job, since her parents have passed. This job is all she has. She works to support her little brother, Martin, in their hometown. She misses him dearly, but frequently writes him letters to ease the pain. They used to write poems together to get through the hard times. Since leaving home, she can’t quite find the words like she used to. 25.

James—Head Butler. Very sly, and thinks he’s twenty years younger than he is. He has an eye for Helen, even though there is no possible way she would ever be obtainable. When Dorothy starts speaking to him (since she is so shy), he gains an interest in her, instead. 40.

William—Servant. The Jerry to James’ Dean. He always has a pun in each conversation, but is very good at his job. He knows his boss (the heir) loves him, and knows he will always have a job. He has an eye for Helen, and soon Dorothy. 30.



The Apollon is seeking artists to show their art in themed production. The upcoming show takes place in an early 20th century Kitchen. We are looking for still life art that fits the period. Think a bowl a fruit, a loaf of bread, or a vase of flowers. We are open to other interpretations as long as it fits the theme!

Artwork selected for the show will be displayed at the Apollon from March 30th through April 20th.

Please contact Heather at for more information.


The Apollon is currently seeking 3-5 individuals to participate on a collaborative creative team for the creation of the December production.

If you are interested in participating on the team, please submit a letter of interest with a brief summary of your artistic and production experience or a resume to by July 31, 2019.