It all started with the dream of creating more opportunities for local artists so that Nebraska’s most talented creative minds would think twice before packing up for Chicago, New York, or L.A.  The departure of young artists to other job markets and other cities once they graduate is due, in part, to this difficulty in finding compensated creative work while continuing to develop ones career.  While the arts community in our city is robust in many ways, this scarcity of employment in creative fields and the large number of very talented “competitors” can make paid opportunities for early career artists difficult to find.  The Apollon is, first and foremost, a creative community dedicated to providing these kinds of entry-level opportunities and to supporting and encouraging the development of individual artists from a variety of disciplines.

Your support, whether you offer it by buying a ticket to attend one of our shows, by becoming a member, or by giving an annual gift, ensures that visual artists, theater artists, writers, musicians and dancers are given the space, time, resources, and support they need to work together creating wholly original works of art in a professional peer-reviewed environment. Over 50 local artists participated in our programming last year and it is our goal to reach one hundred in 2019.

Please consider becoming a member or making a gift today by following the links above.  Your tax-deductible gift of support will help keep local artists working right here in Omaha. 

-Carol Danigole, Executive Director